Tuesday, August 6, 2019

读书笔记 - Andre Iguodala THE SIXTH MAN

This book is a memoir from Andre Iguodala. There are 9 chapters in this book to tell stories about his professional basketball life, starting from his hometown Springfield, draft by Philadelphia, then traded to Denver, then to Golden State warriors, with the team he won 3 NBA championships in 2015, 2017, 2018, and Finals MVP in 2015.

The nine chapters are
  1. Early lessons
  2. Confidence
  3. When the sun is too hot
  4. Welcome to the NBA
  5. The most hated athlete in town
  6. Elevation
  7. Find the flow
  8. The seventy-fourth win
  9. Riding home
I got this book with his signature from company's event (fireside chat with Andre, as he is company's investor). We went to downtown Marriott conference room, listened to the conversations between Eric and Andre, then followed by audience questions. The most impressed wording from Andre is: the harder you work, the better outcome you get. Grit is critical in our daily life.

Here are some notes from this book.
  • If you weren't reading, you weren't achieving.
  • If you could just focus on getting something done, especially if your goal was to do it better than other people could, you could stay out of trouble.
  • If you don't do everything you possibly can, you will be stuck here for the rest of your life.
  • You have to work to see result.
  • We can't win every single game, just play harder.
  • People like to build you up, and then they like to take you down.
  • You can tell who your real friends are by how they treat you who they don't. (when you in down side)
  • This man breathes the same air you breath.
  • Always pay attention and attention pays off.
  • I wanted to go work where I was happy to go work.
  • He focused on doing little things correctly and with honor and discipline.
  • The true job of an athlete was not to win, but to rise to every occasion, give your best effort, and make those around you better as you did it.
  • Less is more.

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