Thursday, August 29, 2019

Acting as a manager

1. “Here’s what I’m hearing … ”
Try it: At the end of team meetings

It is so critical to summarize and clarify the key conclusions and action items for each meeting. When people walk out of the conference room, everyone has a sense of the meeting purpose. Staying on purpose, process and product will make meeting more productive.

2. “Let’s look at what’s going to elevate company's vision/value”
Try it: When giving feedback

In order to do this effectively,  you must know what the company mission or values are. That is the lighthouse for decision maker.

3. “In the long run … ”
Try it: To defuse conflict, or when you screw up

Work out a solution rather than finger-pointing. Let's focus on understanding the problem and working out a fix.

4. “If you ever feel like you’re not growing here, I want you to tell me.”
Try it: In 1-on-1 with direct reports

Focusing on showing how much you care about others and that you share the same values as the group. You’re saying that you’re the type of leader who wants each individual to see progress and be happy, knowing that the team and the company become stronger when each person is advancing.

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