Friday, February 7, 2014

Bower 101

Bower is a package management tool for web. Here I list the key commands for bower and git. Bower uses semver to manage dependencies.

npm install -g bower
bower init
bower install <name>=<package>#<version>
bower list
bower search [<name>]
bower uninstall <package-name>
bower cache list
bower cache clean
bower register <my-package-name> <git-endpoint>

For local package (but seems not work, it might result from my local git repo setup)
bower install file:///path-to-the-module/.git/ --save

git init
git init newrepo
git add filename
git add ..
git commit -m "Adding files"
git commit -m "change some files" file1 file2
git commit -a -m "Changed some files"
git status
git rm file
git branch test
git checkout test
git checkout master
git merge test
git branch -d test

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

10 Web design trends
  1. More responsive design, please.
  2. Typography will take center stage.
  3. Buh-bye Flash. Hello just about anything else.
  4. Skeuomorphism will show its age.
  5. Large images used for large impact visuals.
  6. Give me (more) white space!
  7. More sharing on social networks.
  8. Calmer color schemes to reappear.
  9. Mobile apps will start to replace mobile browsing.
  10. King content will keep its crown.
  1. Non-boring typography
  2. Flat design
  3. Large hero areas quickly killing sliders
  4. Heavier focus on mobile
  5. Videos in place of text
  6. Long scrolling sites
  7. Simple color schemes
  8. Simplified content
  9. Dropping the sidebar
  10. Manipulated imagery