Friday, January 5, 2018

csv injection

If the csv file cell value uses formulas, it is often to see csv injection. For instance, if the cell value is  =cmd|' calc'!A0 which will launch calculator.

To prevent csv injection attack, you need either filtering or neutralizing the spreadsheet meta-characters used to define formulas. These 4 characters are +, -, =, and @

Filter is to remove the meta-characters if see excel cell value beginning with one of these 4 characters.

Neutralize is to precede cell values that begin with the characters: +, -, =, or @ with a single quote. This is called “escaping” or “neutralizing” the characters to have excel cell value interpreted as data instead of formulas.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

An unknown Subversion error occurred. (code = 155037)

Suddenly my Mac Versions app starts to report "An unknown Subversion error occurred. (code = 155037)" when access SVN repository. This error is very generic and useless to help me troubleshoot the root cause.

Google took me to this blog

But I didn't update svn version or change Versions' settings, so I am thinking of other ways. Finally I figured out svn cleanup then svn update will help resolve this error.