Monday, February 25, 2019

Zoom Culture - Delivering Happiness

To resonate what I read from "Build the culture of good" from Scott and Ryan, I want to take a quick review of Zoom culture here. Zoom is also building a similar culture to deliver happiness to customers, communities, employees and etc.

Eric found the company to solve the unhappy customer issue he found at Cisco. The sweet spot among customer, company, and employee is happiness. Every day when I see the following after stepping into the office in the morning, I feel energized as we are doing something special here, not for money but for caring. We care for our surroundings and ourselves.

I am so grateful to work here to build product to make our customers happy, to contribute to the communities, to collaborate with happy teammates. The company defines VSE to move towards the its mission (Make Video Communications Frictionless) which is essential to deliver happiness to customers.

Vision: Video communications empowering people to accomplish more
Strategy: Deliver happiness
Execution: Focus on product and company culture

Every day in company group chat, we hear touching stories about how Zoom empowering people to accomplish more, and we hear news how sales rep, customer care team, and other field teams to deliver happiness to customers, prospect and leads. We are selling great product for delivering happiness! This is a company that cares and strives to be better every day. As engineering, we are building something to make the world better than we found it. We all love Zoom, just as Zoom loves us. :-)

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