Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hawaii Trip - Day 4

Nov 26, 2018

I got up at 6am because I planned to go hiking for a round trip between Waikiki beach and Diamond Head State Monument. The weather was so nice and scenery was so gorgeous. The sun was coming out and the moon was still in the sky. I can see people jogging, doing yoga, walking, biking and etc.

After passing Department of Defense Fort Ruger, I arrived Fort Ruger Pathway which leading to Le'ahi. The park opens from 6am to 6pm. There is $1 fee for individual walk-in, and the summit hike takes 60-90 minutes for a round trip. If I got up earlier and arrived at 6am promptly, I probably could see the sun rise because weather reported sunrise is 6:38am. Of course, I can take trolley or TheBus to the entry point, but I selected walking all the way for refresh.

After I climbed the summit, I could see the whole picture of crater. I could also see remote mountains, ocean, plants, houses, lighthouse and the city.

When I walked back to Waikiki beach, I passed Kapi' Olani Community College and Culinary Institute of the Pacific, they both be part of University of Hawaii. I also stopped by Queen Kapi'Olani Garden which is really a small one but for sure for memory of the queen. When I arrived at hotel after a quick breakfast at McDonald's, it was almost 10am. Sit by the hotel pool for hot tube to relax my two legs, I checked the photos I taken during the hiking. It totally cost 2.5 hours for 8.6 miles, excluding stop time for picture taking. I really enjoyed this experience.

After checking out from the hotel, I took TheBus to Aloha Tower. It is free to visit the tower at the 10th floor. From there, I could get a better view of the bay and city. This historic tower is just besides Hawaii pacific university. There are many dancing statues.

Walking back to the hotel direction was nice too though it was a bit hot in the noon. After passing Pier 4 US Coastguard and US department of Homeland Security, I took TheBus to Little Sheep Hotpot restaurant for lunch. It is located at 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu. I chose All You Can Eat Menu which was so great at about $30 after tax and tip. Highly recommend this place if you like hotpot.

After the lunch, I went to Magic Island. From there, I got another view of the city, the beach and the crater. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

My last stop is Ala Moana Hawaii's Center, another shopping mall.

My return flight was at 10:30pm, so I got plenty time to visit Waikiki beach for the 3rd time. Today's sunset was different from yesterday.

After the sunset, I went to another shopping mall called Royal Hawaiian Center. There was traditional show with Hawaiian dance and music. I ate too much for the lunch, so I got some fruits and sandwich after window shopping the stores.

Roberts Hawaii travel agent picked me up at 8pm from hotel to NHL Airport. No any fruit allowed to other states, so I had to eat the fruits at the airport before security check. The traffic is light at night, so I waited about 1 hour for the flight from Hawaii to LAX via American Airline. I arrived SJC at around 8:30am, then arrived home for a shower and breakfast around 9:15am. After that, I drove to office for work. A new workday began and it concluded my 4 days' trip to Oahu Island.

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