Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hawaii Trip - Day 2

Nov 24, 2018

One beautiful day starts with a great breakfast, so I checked Yelp for nearby highly rated brunch/breakfast place. On seaside ave, there is one called Heavenly which is quite popular. There is a waiting line before 8am. I ordered their first item on the menu called Loco Moco. On their website (, the description to this item is as follows:
Heavenly's Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco. 100% Big Island Kulana beef, local eggs, local ginger soy glaze, and 10 grain rice with local farm green beans, broccoli, organic carrot, organic lentil beans, and organic black beans. It is delicious, and total cost is $20 after tax and tip.

After the breakfast, I took TheBus to Pearl Harbor (Route 19 or 20 from Waikiki). The most famous and most visited place on the island. It took around 50 minutes to arrive, passing downtown, airport etc in the north direction. USS Arizona Memorial is one of the four POI to visit there. Usually visitors also select to visit another one like Missouri battleship. It is free to visit the Memorial, but there is a $5 bag deposit fee as they don't allow any bag into this historic place due to security concern. I didn't know to get the free voucher first before taking photos, which caused me stay 1 hour longer than my plan. Ideally right after entering the Pearl harbor, I should head to the ticket office to get the free Voucher which allows me to take the ship tour to USS Arizona Memorial. The free tour starts with history, theater movie, and ship tour. The attack to Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 forced USA into world war II. Japan, German, and Italy were finally defeated.The world needs peace rather than war.

I ate hot dog and soda on site. After lunch, I headed to Polynesia Culture Center via TheBus. This is a long ride but nice coastal ride. If you sit at the right side, you will see fabulous coastal scenery. There are more than 100 bus stops, so be patient to enjoy the bus ride. Finally I arrived the PCC center at 3:30pm, got a late entry discount ticket with center visiting, buffet dinner and night show at $78. The business address is 370 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762. The discount is not a real deal because most travel agents ask for $80 to $100 per person for PCC visit.

There are six different villages and live shows which open till 6pm. For me, it is a bit tight schedule, but I got enough time to tour the six villages as they are small. However, I could not find time to enjoy all villages' live shows as they present every half an hour. I took the canon tour for sightseeing from different angles. Frankly speaking, the culture center is small, and half day is enough, but it deserves watching the shows from different villages. I am impressed by the show from Tango village which made me laughing a lot. They also provide tram tour to some nearby places like church etc. After I talking to one staff in the visitor center, I learnt that this PCC center is owned by an non-profit organization, and provides funds to its college and its church. After 6 o'clock, I went to the theater to watch movie about Hawaii. It is a great one, highly recommended, as it provides many island views from the sky.

The dinner buffet was good. After enjoying the buffet, it was time to watch the show. The seating position was okay to watch the show. HA in Hawaiian means breath of light, the show tells a story about HA from birth to king. I don't fully understand the first half of the show, so many local music, dances, but the second half about fighting, fire show etc are great. It is worth watching if you have never watched a Hawaiian-style show. I also took TheBus back to hotel, which cost around 1.5 hours. Again, Google map helps a lot for self exploring.

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