Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High performance web site - reading notes (3)

6. Put (java)scripts at the bottom
Parallel downloads
Limiting parallel downloads to two per hostname is a guideline, new browsers expand to 4 or more for HTTP/1.1
Scripts block download
Use deferred scripts (DEFER attribute indicates the script does not contain document.write)

7. Avoid CSS Expressions
CSS expressions are a powerful and dangerous way to set CSS properties dynamically
CSS expressions are evaluated more frequently than most people expect.
One-Time Expressions
Event handlers

8. Make javascript and CSS external
In raw terms, inline is faster, but we need consider three metrics (page views, empty cache vs.primed cache, and component reuse).
post-onload download (document onload event,firebug highlights DOMContentLoaded, load events)

9. Reduce DNS lookup
Reduce the number of unique hostnames reduces the number of DNS lookups
Reduce the number of unique hostnames reduce the amount of parallel downloading
Use keep-alive to reuse an existing connection by voiding TCP/IP overhead

10. Minify javascript
Use minification instead of obfuscation (due to bugs, maintenance, debugging etc concerns)
Minify javascript using JSMin or dojo compressor (shrinksafe)

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