Sunday, July 10, 2022

Kitchen English Words

 grater 刨丝器
a device having a surface covered with holes edged by slightly raised cutting edges, used for grating cheese and other foods.

chopper 劈刀
a short axe with a large blade, butcher's knife

Spatula 炒菜铲
an implement with a broad, flat, blunt blade, used for mixing and spreading things, especially in cooking and painting.

ladle 勺子
a large long-handled spoon with a cup-shaped bowl, used for serving soup, stew, or sauce.

whisk 打蛋器
A whisk is a cooking utensil which can be used to blend ingredients smooth or to incorporate air into a mixture, in a process known as whisking or whipping.

funnel 漏斗
a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening

corkscrew 开瓶器
a device for pulling corks from bottles, consisting of a spiral metal rod that is inserted into the cork, and a handle that extracts it.

colander 滤器
a perforated bowl used to strain off liquid from food, especially after cooking.

strainer 过滤器
a device having holes punched in it or made of crossed wires for separating solid matter from a liquid.

skimmer 撇渣器
a tool removing food from hot liquids and oil, blanching vegetables, skimming foam from broth and removing congealed food off the top of liquids.

turner 铲子
A kitchen turner is another name for a spatula. It is used for turning pancakes and such.

wok 炒锅
a bowl-shaped frying pan used typically in Chinese cooking.

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