Sunday, October 17, 2021

5 symptoms to slow down and heal

On MyTown magazine, I read an article from nervous system consultant GuruNischan. It is very helpful, with below notes.

  1. You are wired but tired - you're exhausted, tired, fatigued, but cannot rest, relax, or get deep sleep on a regular basis.
  2. Anxious ambition - you maintain an active schedule and don't feel "right" without accomplishing something or giving service.
  3. You over-stimulate yourself with substances, workout routines, or over-discipline or lack of discipline.
  4. Something feels different inside you. A strange shift that you can't explain.
  5. Life disaster - everything is failing apart.

It's a four step L.O.V.E. process:

  1. Locate yourself
  2. Observe your inner space
  3. Variance. Vibration. Velocity.
  4. Excavate Excess Energy

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