Monday, August 31, 2020

读书笔记 - The Wild Robot

Younger kid pushed me a few times to read her favorite book written by Peter Brown (New York Times Bestselling Author). The story is about robot Roz on a wild island. Survive on a remote island is very hard, for human or for robot. But the purpose of Roz is to survive, so she tries to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island's animal inhabitants. 

Here are the things I learned from this book.

  • Adapt quickly to a new environment
  • Understand yourself better, know your strengths and weakness
  • Never stop learning
  • Be kind to others, and others might return to you with kindness
  • Have a purpose
  • Always figure out what is wrong and fix it
  • Children will leave you sooner or later
  • Improve leadership
  • What will be the future of AI?
  • Are human beings afraid of AI? Job replaced by Robot...
  • Will AI ultimately attack human beings and conquer the whole world?

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