Friday, April 10, 2020


I have been worked from "Home" for more than 1 month, and I use Zoom every day even on weekends. Too many news about COVID-19, and today US passed 500K people affected by this coronavirus. Global pandemic, global economy recession, and crazy stock during these days.

Everything has two sides to it, a positive one and a negative one. When I work from home so long during this COVID-19 outbreak, I see the following positives

Reduced Carbon footprint - much less cars, airplanes and etc
More time to think and read - No need commute everyday, get more time to think and read
Health is the most important - nothing matters if you are not live, forget politics and economics when public health has problem.
Life is short - Our life only has about 30K days
Human is selfish - high demands of food, water, medicine, and toilet papers, and even guns
The world is flat - Politics, economics and virus all impact the whole world
The planet is sick - animals, plants, and humans
Biomedical needs breakthrough - we have no solutions yet to coronavirus, same for HIV, Cancer
New break-point for the whole world - It is a war, the war between mankind and virus
Caring values - Caring for yourself, your family, your community and your country

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