Thursday, December 26, 2019

读书笔记 - All In

This New York Times bestseller is written by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. This book is talking about - How the best managers create a culture of belief and drive big results, using three parts:
  • Part 1: Culture Works - The one thing that differentiates your team and drives real results
  1. Engaged - Attachment to the company and willingness to give extra effort
  2. Enabled - A work environment that supports productivity and performance
  3. Energized - Individual physical, social, and emotional well-being at work
  • Part 2: The Seven-Step Road Map - How every manager can create a culture that works
  1. Define your burning platform - Supply the why
  2. Create a customer focus - Are you listening
    1. Give them more face time
    2. Prioritize requests
    3. Thank them
    4. Listen on social media
    5. Listen to your front line
    6. Track trends
    7. Create a customer forum
    8. Bring them to you
  3. Develop Agility - Helping employees deal with change
    1. Enrichment
    2. Cooperation
    3. Organization
    4. Leverage
  4. Share Everything - Generating trust through transparent communication
    1. Do what's right, regardless of personal risk
    2. Admit when you're wrong
    3. Define the big picture
    4. Value feedback
    5. Tell it like it is
    6. Be accessible
    7. Don't hog the glory
    8. Focus on shared results 
  5. Partner with your talent - What's in it for me (WIIFM)?
    1. Connection and growth
    2. Clarify career opportunities
      1. Daily involvement
      2. Seek personal improvement
      3. Just listen
      4. Give in 
  6. Root for each other - Develop a culture of appreciation and goodwill
    1. Do it now
    2. Do it often
    3. Be specific
    4. Be sincere
    5. Tell a story about the person's accomplishments
    6. Gather people Together
    7. Emphasize one of your core values
    8. Personalize the moment
    9. Do it right, and you'll see the power of gratitude at work as a culture builder
  7. Establish clear accountability - Turning a negative into a positive
    1. start with a clear team plan
    2. assign SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) goals to each person
    3. ensure all parties agree upon the rules
    4. if something changes, reset and get buy-in again
    5. monitor progress at each step
    6. hit dealines, and have touch conversations if your people don't
    7. devote much more time to finding what your people are doing right than finding what they're doing wrong
  • Part 3: Culture Tools - Dealing with challenges; Ideas to maintain success
  1. Renewing Belief - Rebuilding a culture in crisis
  2. Fifty-two ways to get your people all in  
    1. As a billion questions
    2. Balance the time budget
    3. Be a part-timer lover
    4. Make small commitments
    5. End the week with thanks
    6. I do declare
    7. Start the day on a high
    8. Believe in yourself
    9. Care
    10. Talk the walk
    11. Answer them
    12. A week of gratitue
    13. A hero's quest
    14. The five-year rule
    15. Send a HTN (Handwritten Thank-you Note)
    16. Perk your products
    17. Create a vision for the future
    18. Play like a team
    19. Find other believers
    20. Lighten up
    21. Random recognition
    22. Adopt a symbol
    23. A thirty-minute miracle
    24. Seriously?
    25. Pimp your titles
    26. Get healthy
    27. The good stuff
    28. The guessing game
    29. Personal milestones
    30. Good endings
    31. World record
    32. Time out
    33. A tidal wave
    34. Get hands-on
    35. Don't miss the "previews"
    36. Let them write the check
    37. Evaluation time
    38. Serve
    39. Get ideas out of their pockets
    40. Who's driving?
    41. Talking turns a teacher
    42. Share
    43. Vive la difference
    44. The remains for the staff?
    45. Change a community
    46. Giving feedback
    47. Speak to the heart
    48. Lead by example
    49. Hire trust
    50. Watch for the assists
    51. Encourage cheer
    52. Build trust
  3. In the company of believers - A wealth of rewards
This picture summarizes the key points of this week

And two sentences I can recite now:
  • The easy part is getting to the top of the mountain, the hard part is to stay there, to sustain momentum and growth.
  • Disney: Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.

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