Friday, November 24, 2017

Black friday with Costco Tire Service Center

I plan to change battery for my mini van, so I turn to Costco. But I'd like to call their Tire Service Center before heading to the physical store. You know what, the experience greatly reduced my best shopping impression with Costco. Here is my experience:

I first call Almaden Costco, which took me 8 minutes wait to get someone talked to me. (There is standard Costco waiting recording audio) I asked them if you have the battery for my car model, the answer is "we should have". Then I asked them to double check, they guy went to check the system for in stock info.

I then call Sunnyval Costco, the call was answered without any voice, but put aside. On the other side, the employees are talking, laughing about birthday, camera, dinner etc. I understand this is holiday, but can you please also consider your customer's time? And at least, put to the system automated voice instead of your chatting/joking?

I am getting curios if all Costco service centers are doing the same thing, I selected another San Jose Costco to make the same inquiry. Well, the guy answered me with "Please hold on", then switched to automated recording audio. Exactly same as the Almaden Costco, I am putting to long waiting experience. This time, the waiting time exceeded 14 minutes to get my questions answered.

Costco, are you still feeling the competition from Amazon? Why not put customer (members) as the first priority when do business? I once expect Target or Costco can complete with Amazon, but the thought is getting the other direction. I have to admit Amazon is flying day and day, and it will beat every retail or wholesale stores after Amazon improve their return policy with local Whole Foods stores.

To sum up, Costco online and phone services are bad. The only strength they have are physical store experience with best return policy.

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