Monday, June 5, 2017

ReadyRefresh sucks

In May, there was a promotion (spend $30, credit $15) from AMEX to buy online with ReadyRefresh which looks like a beverage delivery service, but my experience shows it totally sucks and looks like a scam. I never ever will use their service, even free stuff. If you see this post and never try ReadyRefresh, I hope it can help you out.

I totally ordered 8 items which amount is about $33, just above the promotion credit threshold. However, the online order confirmation page (see below) immediately gave me the impression, the service sucks because I see two amounts on the single same page.

I was more confusing when I got below email summary for my first order.

This happened on the same hour, three different charge amount: $30.71  $33.45 and $28.03.

I got my first (and last) order from ReadyRefresh delivered on Monday. Guess what, I expected total 8 items, but only 6 items got delivered. There was no any delivery confirmation email or delivery statement, just the boxes (original beverage package like we get from local store) dumped in front of my front door. I am an Amazon fan, if you are an Amazon frequent shopper, you will understand my feeling when see such a delivery experience.  I carefully examine the 6 items, 3 items are with expiration date just in July and August. I totally got mad about these delivery.

The second day, I called ReadyRefresh customer support number (1-866-813-4939 show on their website The only good experience is the call center wait time is short, about 1-2 minutes, I got some representative talking with me. I explained the reason I called. The representative told me she will make a note to deliver the missing 2 items without charge. Well, I got the 2 items delivered 2 days later. However, I noticed 2 more charges on my bank activities on June 2nd. Before June 2nd, I notice my banking hold amount keep changing, and finally I was charged $29.33 on May 24. (Please note the amount is just a bit lower than the threshold of AMEX promotion $30, by purpose or not, who knows).

I have to call their customer support again for these 2 extra charges. I was asked to check my online account activities, and the support representative explained all these charges are correct.

She explained the extra $1.20 is for CRV deposit, and $14.14 is for one box of Nestle 1/2 water (24 bottles) delivery. I can get such box of water from local store about $2.99+CRV. She then told me there was a delivery fee included, and she will credit that amount. I asked why I was not explained when I made the first call for 2 missing items, and asked if I can return this order. (I didn't use due to so many items are expiring very shortly, I plan to throw them away) The answer is: I cannot return any thing. I got mad from above experience with the 1st ever order from ReadyRefresh, I requested to talk to her supervisor or escalate to someone. Finally I got a callback from supervisor, and she promised to credit back the $15.34 amount (charged on June 2nd). Thanks to the final result, but considering the time I spent on this, it is far more than such a lunch cost. (You know what, I plan to dispute the charges with credit card company if they don't want to credit).

I could not trust ReadyRefresh from the moment I saw 2 different amount numbers right after I placed my order, so I took all screenshot, recorded all conversations as a proof. Now I better understand why Amazon is the best online shopping experience in USA (from my experience). 

Go Amazon, Skip ReadyRefresh. That is the whole point I wrote this blog about my shopping experience with ReadyRefresh.

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