Friday, January 27, 2017

Time to change

In year 2012, when I joined Moxtra to work on Front-end Web app, I didn't know anything about Javascript, CSS or HTML5. I was using Java/J2EE while in Cisco. At that time, I googled a lot and made the following choice for Moxtra web app architecture in a short period of time.
When look back, the selections were ok at that time. However, Web front-end evolved rapidly every few months, and in past 4.5 years, there are many new ideas, frameworks, libraries, and tools created for the community while major browsers are upgraded in a rapid pace to fully supporting ES5 and partially supporting ES6. (

Today I read a blog which listed popular front-end projects/libraries in 2016. I am totally terrified to see so many new things happening.

Popular lib/frameworks
Node.js Frameworks -> Express, Sails, Loopback, Restify
React Boilerplates -> Create React App, React boilerplate
Mobile -> React Native
Transpilers -> TypeScript, Babel
Build Tools -> Webpack, Gulp
Testing Framework -> AVA, Jest
SSG (Static Site Generators) -> Hexo, Gatsby

Most popular projects on Github
Angular 2
Create React App
React Native

Time to change:
ES5 -> ES6
Backbone -> Vue.js/React
Requirejs -> Webpack
Grunt -> Gulp/Webpack
Sublime -> Atom/Visual Studio Code
Mocha/Jasmine -> AVA/Jest
NPM -> Yarn

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