Thursday, March 19, 2015

Upgrade to TurboTax Premier

This year I installed TurboTax Deluxe, but realized it didn't support Stock/ESPP investment during my filing. I had to get a new Premier copy. However, new download Premier copy always show TurboTax Deluxe after open the premier application.

After search and talking to intuit technical support, found TurboTax cached files impacted different versions. It is an obvious bug which Intuit doesn't cover, and it also implies they use configuration or temp files to differentiate Deluxe or Premier edition. If they implement in this way, we might be able to get a free upgrade from Deluxe to Premier or even Business and Home edition. :-)

I did the following which resolved the issue
1. Delete previous installed Deluxe application
2. Delete ~/Library/Application Support/TurboTax 2014 folder
3. Delete ~/Library/Caches/TurboTax 2014 folder
4. Reboot my macbook
5. Reinstall the premier application

Above also implies Mac OSX un-installation actually includes application itself and system caches.

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