Saturday, October 5, 2013

SVCC 2013

Here are the key takeaway from Saturday's sessions.

1. Functional programming gets fun when Douglas Crockford teaches this using Javascript
2. TCP/IP networking needs tools like wireshark, fiddler and of course ISO layering models (
3. How to startup pitch (Elevator pitch, Executive Summary, PPT 10-20-30 rules, Detailed plan/roadmap)
4. Start business is easy in USA, you can register in one day
5. RegExp cheat sheet explains regular expression match/capture of character set, group, options from a string.

Some sponsors I remember:
Dice - the linkedIn for tech
Pivotal - the new company from VMWare/EMC, brings up Spring, RabbitMQ etc open source
Telerik - the one brings us Kendo UI
LeadTools - the world leader in imaging SDKs, OCR, PDF, PACS (medical image) etc
Snapp - Elastic cloud hosting for .NET application (How about Windows Azure?)
infragistics - User interface components

Of course, for lunch, I had one slice of Pizza Sponsored by Pivotal, one Sandwich Sponsored by Google

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