Sunday, July 28, 2013

WebRTC Acronyms

ICE: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (It is a framework to allow browsers to connect peers)
STUN: Session Traversal Utililities for NAT (It is a protocol to discover public address and determine if there is any restrictions in the router)
NAT: Network Address Translation (It is to give device, connecting to router, a public IP)
TURN: Traversal Using Relays around NAT (It is to bypass Symmetric NAT restriction by connecting to TURN server and relaying all information through TURN server)
SDP: Session Description Protocol (It is a standard to describe multimedia content of the connection such as resolution, format, codec, encryption etc metadata, simply put, it is media info)
Signal Channel it is sort of channel of communication to exchange information before establish a connection. The information is called offer (peer A)/answer (peer B).
ICE Candidate: It is to exchange information about the network connection. It is connectivity info which details the available methods the peer is able to communicate.

All information is from below blog which is very easy to understand these acronyms.

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