Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Build your first Mobile App with HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap & APIs

Here are the key takeaways from this 1-day free event sponsored by

jQuery Mobile
Check out for details. It is evolving fast, and it is 1.3.x version now. jQuery Mobile is not jQuery mobile version, it is more like jQuery UI mobile version (but not exactly). When we use jQuery Mobile, we usually needs jQuery and jQuery mobile CSS to get things work.

Other mobile web framework and libraries?

Mobile Prototyping Tool (Recommended in jQuery Mobile website, and apigee team uses it too)

Port HTML5/CSS3/Javascript based Web app to Native app. It is more like a bridge. - Adobe Cloud build service

PhoneGap Alternatives

More about HTML5

Topics we covered in this event
Prototyping using codiqa
jQuery Mobile
Android developer tool (ADT)
Xcode and simulators
apigee API service
Security (sandbox)

Topics we didn't cover in this event
Push notifications
File Storage
Social Graph
Local capabilities
3rd party integration
Legacy integration
code execution

Python built-in HTTP server
You can quickly launch a webserver to test mobile web if you have Python installed
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Companies mentioned in this event

Here are my thoughts
Why Mobile Web?
- Write once run every device?
- One stack fits all?
- Better upgrade options (fast release cycles)?

Why not Mobile Web?
- Performance?
- HTML5 API limitation?
- Native User Experience?
- Offline limitation?

Native or Web or Hybrid app?
- It depends

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