Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back to Windows

It has been around 1 year to use windows, and I sort of forget the short-cut keys on desktop. In current project, there is a requirement to support IE9 web browser on windows, so I have to get Windows back. When community is moving from OS war to browser war, OS platform is not so important for me. For daily use, I really don't care too much about OS now, I just need an IDE, some browser, and command lines. Occasionally I need some tools, fortunately new products or tools usually provide both Windows and Mac support.

Here is the way back to Windows:
  • Download and install VMware-Fusion Free Trial from VMWare
  • Download and install Windows 7 Professional
  • If you have Windows disk, you might also need USB SuperDrive
  • Upgrade Windows 7 built-in IE8 to IE9
  • Download and Install Adobe Flash (By default, Adobe installed Chrome toolbar and Chrome browser)
  • Windows come back again (Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm, which takes around 11GB disk size)

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