Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First build using grunt.js

Gruntjs is so cool, I should try out this excellent Javscript build tool earlier. It has built-in task, APIs, and pluginable framework (see http://gruntjs.com/ for various plugins). Base off node, gruntjs tries to meet extensive Javascript project build requirements. For details, check out https://github.com/gruntjs. This note describes the steps to create grunt.js build script for one of my Javascript projects.


Node and NPM are installed. Verify its installation and version, refer to below commands

node --version

npm --version


Minify JS
Minify CSS
Optimize images
Compress HTML
Package build


Install grunt globally: 
sudo npm install -g grunt

Install plugins locally:
sudo npm install grunt-smushit (to smush images)
sudo npm install grunt-contrib-copy (to copy files/folder)
sudo npm install grunt-contrib-mincss (to minify CSS files)
sudo npm install grunt-htmlcompressor (to compress HTML)
sudo npm install grunt-contrib-clean (to clean up build target)

grunt built-in task "min" is to minify JS using UglifyJS

Generate project scaffolding
grunt init:gruntfile

Create grunt.js to build project

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