Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Audio and Video in Modern Browsers

For detailed HTML5 audio and video introduction, check out http://html5doctor.com

Currently when I look at these 2 tags support status in modern Web browsers, I have to say <audio> and <video> are not fully supported. The reason is different browsers have different media format support in these 2 new HTML5 elements. In project, developers unusually use audio or video libraries to do the heavy lifting stuff, default to use HTML5 media elements, and fallback to Flash or Siliverlight for non-supported media formats.

I checked caniuse.com and html5-audio-the-state-of-play, then summarized the state-of-media support status in most frequent used web browsers. As of today, the latest Chrome is 22.0.1229.79, latest Firefox is 15.0.1, latest Safari is 6.0, iOS Safari 6.0, latest Opera is 12.02.

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