Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Install pngcrush on mac

Steps to install pngcrush:
1.  (precondition for compile pngcrush source code) Installed Xcode, and installed Command Line Tools from Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads -> Components -> Command Line Tools

2.  Download pngcrush latest version

3.  Extract the downloaded package and run "make"

4.  Move or copy pngcrush to one $PATH folder
sudo cp pngcrush /usr/sbin/

5.  Try out
pngcrush -reduce -brute original-image.png new-image.png

Quick notes about image optimization:
When we talk about image optimization for web performance, we usually consider use pngcrush to optimize PNG file, and use Jpegtrans to optimize JPEG file. Usually we automate this in web build. I once wrote a post regarding this topic.

On mac, there is an app called ImageOptim which supports many cool tools.


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