Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Understanding about performance optimization

I am working on performance optimization task for a web application for few months, here I am trying to summarize my understanding about performance optimization.
  1. Performance optimization needs culture
    • Coding Honor says: Performance is a feature
    • Fred Wilson's 10 Golden Principles say: speed is more than a feature
    • Design with performance in mind
  2. Performance optimization needs tools and guidelines
    • High Performance Web Site (Steve Sounders)
    • Yahoo Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site
    • Lots of tools from WPO companies and open source communities
  3. Performance optimization needs 80/20 rule
    • Find top issues and fix them
    • Put small things on hold
  4. Performance optimization needs data
    • Measurement (problem) -> Analysis (root cause) -> Optimization (solution) -> Measurement (new problem)
    • Google says: Every millisecond counts
  5. Performance optimization needs passion
    • Do extensive research
    • Repeat the optimization loop (It is a heuristic loop instead of dead loop)
    • Evangelist performance optimization
    • Make faster web and better life

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