Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Switching to MacBook Pro

  • How to view all processes?
    Windows: taskmgr
    Mac: cmd+option+esc
             Terminal:  ps -ef
  • How to switch window?
    Windows: alt+tab
    Mac: cmd + tab
             cmd + ~
  • How to switch browser tabs?
    Windows: ctrl + tab
    Mac: ctrl + tab
  • How to show desktop?
    Windows: win + D
                     win + M
    Mac: F11 (fn + F11)
             cmd + F3
             System Preferences -> Expose -> Active Screen Corners
  • How to do advanced text edit?
    Windows: Notepadd++
    Mac: TextWrangler
  • How to capture the screen?
    Windows: Print Screen
                     Alt + Print Screen
    Mac: cmd + shift + 3
             cmd + shift + 4
             cmd + shift + 4 + space (for capture current window, similar to Alt + Print in Windows)
             To capture to clipboard instead of desktop, add control key in above key combination
             Mac also has a utility called grab
  • How to copy to Clipboard?
    Windows: ctrl + c
    Configure Hot Corners

    Mac: cmd + c
  • How to lock the screen?
    Windows: win + L
                     ctrl + alt + delete
    Mac:  Hot Corners
              Keychain Access (show status in menu bar)
              option + cmd + eject (goes to sleep)
  • How to adjust date & time?
    Windows: Double click Date & Time on menu bar
    Mac: System Preference -> Date & Time
  • How to enable right click on TrackPad?
    Windows: Touchpad (built-in button)
    Mac:  Two fingers (default)
              System Preferences -> Trackpad -> Secondary Click (right bottom area)

  • How to enable Chinese language input support?
    Windows: Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages (Install files for East Asian Languages)
    Mac: System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Input Sources -> Select input methods to use (Also Show/Hide Trackpad handwriting)

  • How to check OS EFI (Extensible Fireware Interface) version?
    ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi
    you can either continue to hold "6" and "4" everytime you want to boot
    If you want to boot into 32-bit, just hold "3" and "2" at boot

  • How to copy files to FTP server?
    Windows: Explorer, browser, prompt command, or other ftp clients like cuteFTP
    Mac: Finder (Connect to server, cmd+K, but read only), Terminal, or other third party tools like Interarchy, Fetch, Transmit

  • How to show hidden files?
    Windows: Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders
    Mac: Terminal -> defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true  -> restart Finder  (Also use SetFile utility to toggle hidden/visible file)
  • How to show hidden files?Windows: Task Manager
    Mac: Activity Monitor (or Terminal top command)
  • How to write NTFS folder?Windows: It is built-in supportMac: Read by default, but install NTFS-3G can write. Another paid software is Tuxera ntfs which is for read/write NTFS
  • How to find iPhoto original files?Windows: N/A
    Mac: iPhoto -> File -> Reveal in Finder

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