Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More extensions to Firefox

Many extensions to Firefox

The slide "Web Development with Firefox" basically has 3 parts:
Built-in Tools
View page source - Ctrl+U
View selection source
Page Info
Error Console (Ctrl+Shift+J)
DOM Inspector (Inspect Element)

Web Development Extensions
Web Developer Extension
Accessibility -> Accessibility Extensions for Firefox/Fangs/Accessibar
Colors -> Colorzilla
Cookies -> Add & Edit Cookies/View Cookies
CSS -> CSSViewer/Aardvark
Debugging -> Firebug
Links -> LinkChecker
Measurements -> MeasureIt
Page Information -> Extended Statusbar/MetaTags Sidebar
Page Parameters -> Live HTTP Headers/UrlParams
User Agents -> User Agent Switcher
View Pages in Other Browsers -> IE Tab/IE View/OperaView/FirefoxView
Validation -> HTML Validator
Bookmarklets (favlets) -> Slayer Office/Square Free

Developer Tools Extensions (to replace FileZilla/Nvu)
Editors -> Codetch
FTP -> Fireftp
Images -> MozImage
Screenshots -> Pearl Crescent Page Saver/Screen Grab

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