Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laptop wireless connection switch

Here was the issue: suddenly the laptop could not connect via wireless. As I didn't have Ethernet wire to test wired connection, so I tried a couple of ways:
1. Restored configuration (no effect)
2. Installed antivirus software Avast (scanned, but not virus found)
3. Checked network adapter device and drivers (good)
4. Safe Mode with network connection (no luck)

I brought the laptop to office and found wired worked. Therefore I believe it is not Virus related, instead of some configuration, so I contacted IT department, and they told me there was a switch for wireless connection. I toggled switch on the left side towards the front by the PCMCIA slots and headphone, then it worked.

Usually for Dell laptop, it is Fn + F2 to switch on/off wireless connection. However, for some models, it is a bit different, need try other Fn combination keys. For Dell Latitude D630, on the left side of the laptop - a real on/off switch for wireless connection. It had been switched off, I turned it back on and found all my wireless networks again.

For more info, read this thread How to turn on/off Wireless in various Laptop Models

Update: 5/18/2012 - Facebook IPO date
I met this issue again, and could not recall this blog. When I try to ipconfig /renew, I got media disconnected error message. After google, I figure out the root cause. My wife switched off the wireless.

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